Highest Crypto transaction volume in the last 9 months: $34 billion

Highest Crypto transaction volume in the last 9 months: $34 billion

The Crypto market is growing; EOS and BCH are adapting to this increase, and the performances of Cardano, Dash and ETC are also very good.

The great rise in crypto began yesterday with Ethereum and continues today with a different performance. With the addition of $9 billion, the total market value increased to $134 billion.

According to Coinmarketcap, the daily volume has not exceeded $34 billion since the end of April 2018. This means a significant nine-month turnaround in crypto transaction volumes. Some analysts predict that the market has reached the point of resistance and soon allows the beginning of the Altcoin term.

Bitcoin approached a key resistance level of $4,000 before returning to its current level of $3,920. This represents a 5% increase over BTC levels of $3,750. Ethereum, on the other hand, increased its lead against the XRP by 7% to $147. The XRP increased by 5% per day to reach $0.324. There is currently more than $2 billion difference between its potential new rival JP Morgan and its stable currency.

In today’s top ten champions, EOS increased by 30% before returning to current levels around $3.60. Leaving Litecoin behind, EOS took fourth place with a gap of about $400 million. The volume of EOS exceeded $2.3 billion by pushing its token to its highest level in three months. Bitcoin Cash is also performing well as it is approaching $150. In the top twenty, Cardano, Dash and Ethereum Classic gained more than 8% in value.

The total value of the crypto market increased by 6.4% in one day and is now at just under $133 billion. An injection of $8 billion is very important. However, the increase in daily volume to $34 billion, the highest level in the first nine months of the year, may be a sign that the trend is reversing.

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