Êtes-vous en vacances et vous êtes à court d'argent? Vous avez besoin d'argent en urgence? Avez-vous besoin d'envoyer de l'argent à un ami ou à votre famille à bas prix en utilisant BITCOIN?

Vendre vos Bitcoins et recevoir vos fonds sur votre carte bancaire est probablement la solution la plus rapide disponible si vous avez un besoin urgent d'argent liquide.

Avec NakitCoins.com, vous pouvez vendre du Bitcoin et recevoir instantanément vos fonds sur votre carte bancaire. Deux devises sont disponibles pour ce service, vous pouvez vendre des bitcoins contre de l'argent en (EURO ou DOLLARS). Assurez-vous de sélectionner la bonne devise correspondant à la devise de votre carte avant de continuer afin d'éviter les frais de conversions bancaires liés à votre banque.

Vous devrez fournir les informations du titulaire de la carte bancaire pour ce faire comme sa date de naissance, vous devez vous assurer que les informations que vous fournissez sont correctes.

Aucun KYC n'est requis pour utiliser ce service et vous n'êtes pas obligé de créer un compte.

INFO: Aucun compte requis - Aucun KYC requis - Frais: 4%

With NakitCoins you can buy Bitcoin or other crypto easily with credit card. You can choose one of our packages or buy any other specific mount you want.

Vous pouvez déposer ou retirer dans l’un de nos bureaux ou chez nos partenaires en Turquie

Pourquoi utiliser NakitCoins?

  • Échangeur de Crypto vers d'autres Crypto (Sans compte Requis)
  • Achetez et Vendez 24/7 via votre compte NakitCoins et notre APP
  • Dépôt en espèces Via les Tickets Néosurf
  • Achat par Carte Bancaire (Visa & MasterCard)
  • Envoyer des fonds sur une Carte Bancaire
  • Dépôt et retrait en espèces dans nos agences (Turquie*)
*Le service espèces en agences est seulement disponible en Turquie

What NakitCoins Customers Think

Devin Merdinligil


The service I have received there is fast and convenient. The staff are really friendly and always willing to help. Honestly the best place to get your crypto trade done, the store feels elite and feels a lot like a private bank bearing in mind the service you receive. I also definitely recommend the app, its a permanent fixture on my phone and it gives me a sense of control over my crypto assets. If you don't like the hassle of transferring out of your wallet to an exchange then transferring back then I really do recommend checking it out. The rates are definitely worth the convenience and the service you receive. Keep up the good work.

Jesse Ezeani


Really awesome service, reasonable commission rates, comfortable environment, swift transactions I was impressed because the transfer was made in minutes. Really recommend to anyone who wants to buy or sell crypto here in Istanbul!!!



(Translated by Google) The store is very good, the service is attentive and trustworthy (Original) 店家很好,服务周到,值得信赖

Mehroz Ezaz


Nakitcoins is the best cryptocurrency in Taksim Istanbul .The service is great and the staff is professional. Thank you nakitcoins

Hesh Y. H


Fast, Easy, professional. In the world. The best place to buy or sell crypto in Istanbul.



Thats my third time i visit it I really like what they do ! And i really like the rapidity of the service !

Abdel Mohsen Al-Barghouthy


Best cryptocurrency bank in Istanbul. And the staff are great and they are very helpful and professional. Thank you NakitCoins

samba naidoo


Awesome and easy experience with NakitCoins. Very easy withdrawal of dollars. A must if you are bitcoin user.

Joshua Steele


I love that this crypto trade point feels more like a private bank with the services provided, the professionalism, and the look and feel of the shop, rather than some of the dodgy places around Istanbul. As I know, they've got a couple of locations in Turkey, so I hope they continue to expand and set the standard for other crypto shops in the future.



NakitCoins is the most professional Crypto exchanger company in Turkey. They speak english and are very polite.Their office is in Taksim and as soon as you enter their office you feel safe to carry on your transaction. Their have a app wich makes thing very easy and simple. They do have also the best fees in Istanbul. Keep it up!!!

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