What is the Bitcoin Autoconverter feature ?

We call it the Bitcoin autoconverter feature because it allows you to receive Bitcoin any time on your own dedicated BTC address and as soon as the funds are confirmed they will be automatically converted to USD in your account.

The main benefit of using this feature is that it keeps your received funds stable and protects you against BTC volatility.

It helps Businesses and Online merchants who are receiving continuous payments in Bitcoin to convert it to USD automatically at the current market rate (minus 2% exchange fee).

You don’t need to integrate any api, you just need to share your Bitcoin address that is available under your account. You can generate as much Bitcoin address as you wish in order to keep discretion over your transactions and easily differentiate your customers.

Moreover, in your transaction history you can write a label over your transactions (such as a name, invoice ID, Memo) in order to remember the purpose of that specific transaction.

As extra features, some filters are available in order to help locate a payment from a specific customer.

You can find out a received payment from a customer using the blockchain ID Filter (customer will have to share that transaction ID to prove his payment) or the date range filtering option.

We are pretty confident that these small features will help you manage your business to a higher level.

INFO: Account required - No KYC required - Fees: 2%