How to Exchange Bitcoin for Monero or other Crypto ?

The NakitCoins Blender allows you to exchange BTC to XMR in no time. As soon as we get 1 Confirmation on the Network, your Bitcoins will get processed by our exchanger and your fresh Monero will be sent instantly to your wallet.
NakitCoins Crypto-to-Crypto Swap service allows you to exchange high amounts without any restrictions. We are clearly the fastest Bitcoin exchange available online.

You DO NOT REQUIRE AN ACCOUNT for our service and it is non-custodial. Whereas our competitor exchangers advertise there is no need to create an account, once your coins are received, they lock the transaction and hold your funds until you register and process stringent KYC. NakitCoins is strongly against this policy and we never keep your funds custodial. We are a real decentralized exchange service, which means there is no possibility for us to block your transaction.

Moreover, with the NakitCoins crypto to crypto exchange service, you can convert your Bitcoins to any other Cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether and many others…

INFO: No account required - No KYC required - Fees: 1%