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The Nakitcoins.com brand is owned by Sayısal Devir Sistemi Yazılım Danışmanlık Bilgi Teknolojileri Ticaret A.Ş. and is the first Cryptocurrency cashpoint in Turkey. We develop software and technology to create a secure and easy environment for crypto investors.

We provide storage, exchange, Credit Card purchase of Crypto and Payment Gateway Services through our NakitCoins Wallet.

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NakitCoins takes high measures to comply with  the international regulations “AML/KYC” for the purposes of preventing the use of its services for money laundering and terrorist financing activities, implements preventive measures with a risk focus by taking into consideration of the requirements determined by the “National Legislation”, foregoing of which is the Law on Prevention of the Laundering of Crime Revenues numbered 5549 and the Law on Prevention of the Financing of Terrorism numbered 6415, adopted by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) and the “International Legislation” consisting of the international treaties entered into by the Republic of Turkey and other relevant international regulations (National Legislation and International Legislation shall be hereinafter together referred to as the “Relevant Legislation”).

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