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NakitCoins is Turkey's first on-site cryptocurrency exchange office.

we're developing technology to create safe and easy
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    • We strongly advise to contact our partner Simplex via their support, whom fully carry out the transaction from the moment you are directed on to their website till the moment you receive the coins on your Wallet.

    • Yes, you can use your credit card as long it is issued by (VISA or MASTERCARD) to buy Cryptos. Be aware that you will be unable to use your cards to top up your FIAT account.

    • A wide range of currencies are available for purchasing Cryptos. If your card is issued in a different currency than the currency selected, you might be charged extra fees from your bank for currency conversion.

    • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

    • The daily limit is (20,000 USD / 20,000 EURO) and the monthly limit is (50,000 USD / 50,000 EURO).

    • The fees applied to the purchase are (8%) with a minimum charge of 10 USD/EURO

    • If your card has been issued or you reside in one of the following countries, you will not be able to do a purchase with your Bank Card: Albania Bahamas Barbados Botswana Cambodia Ghana Jamaica Mauritius Myanmar Nicaragua Pakistan Panama Syria Uganda Yemen Zimbabwe

    • Due to the specific regulations of the following States, simplex is not able to provide services to the persons who has a billing address in the mentionned States: Hawaii (HI) New York (NY)

    • Yes, you can carry out your transaction at our agencies in a different currency than USD. We mostly accept EUR,GBP,TL.

    • Find the nearest Branch or Partner on our website. Make sure to visit our Branch with a Identity Docuement ready, it’s easy, safe and completely confidential to perform transaction with us. This service is only available in Turkey. If you want to carry your transaction in cash, this would be the best occasion to visit and discover Turkey.

    • You can deposit or withdraw as much as the Branch or Partner is able to provide. For a large transaction please contact (preferably by phone) one of our partners or one of our branches in order to let them know and prepare the funds for your transaction.

    • 1-Withdraw to a bank card 2-Cash in person at our branches/partners (locally in Turkey) 3-Direct Crypto purchase via credit card 4-Ticket Neosurf For fee and commission rates refer to this page

    • You can use any bank card as long as it is not issued in the restricted countries list: Afghanistan American Samoa Bangladesh Bahamas Botswana Burundi Cambodia Central African Republic Crimea Region Cuba Democratic Republic of the Congo Eritrea Ethiopia Ghana Guam Haiti Iran Iraq Lebanon Libya Mongolia Myanmar North Korea Pakistan Palestine Panama Samoa Somalia South Sudan Sri Lanka Sudan Syria Trinidad and Tobago US Virgin Islands USA Venezuela Yemen Zimbabwe

    • Yes, if the country is not listed in the above restricted countries

    • Sending funds within our ecosystem is very easy, you just need to know the Email Address or User ID of the person that will receive the funds. If you wish to receive funds from another user, just share your User ID or Email Address with them.

    • All Transfers to NakitCoins users are free of charge. Except for BTC where blockchain fees are applied even for NakitCoins to NakitCoins account.

    • No, You only need an account to deposit or withdraw cash at our offices, use our autoconvertion service or track your transaction history.

    • You just need a valid Email address to receive the confirmation code which will be sent to this Email address.

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Head Office

Gümüşsuyu Mah. İnönü Cad. 47A

Working Hours

Hafta içi: 10:00 – 19:00
Cumartesi: 12:00 – 19:00
Pazar: 12:00 – 19:00