CryptoCurrencies Used in 13 Sectors

CryptoCurrencies Used in 13 Sectors

It is a great success that cryptocurrencies are now used in almost all sectors. There are currently more than 1000 cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges. Due to their decentralized nature, cryptocurrencies are used in many different ways, here are some of them:

1. Tourism

Tourism is one of the most enthusiastic sectors for the use of cryptocurrency. Some companies, such as, have been accepting bitcoin as a means of payment for flights, hotels, car rentals and boat purchases since 2013.

2. Real Estate

Blockchain allows you to buy a house using cryptocurrency. and are two websites in the real estate industry that accept Bitcoin as payment to allow you to buy property.

3. Social media

Today, social media has become more and more important in the professional field. Some social media sites, artists, people with particular skills and talents, use Bitcoin to attract people who may be interested.

Operations on these platforms are fully and efficiently carried out using cryptocurrencies.

4. Education

Educational institutions such as universities in Cyprus, Switzerland, the United States and Germany are considering accepting cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoins, as an option for paying student tuition fees and bills.

5. Private equity investment

Many initiatives are abandoning traditional financing methods and using crypto currencies to finance their ideas, services and products. Lighthouse is a good example of an initiative that has been successfully funded with Bitcoin.

6. Fast food service

Some key players, such as Subway in the fast food industry, accept crypto as a payment method. Pizzaforcoins also stands out as a company that accepts about 50 types of crypto payments.

7. Automotive industry

The automotive sector has also begun to use cryptocurrencies; it has been reported that a Tesla S model and a Lamborghini Veloce can be purchased with Bitcoins.

8. Perak Quarry

In the retail sector, many companies, such as the online purchasing portal Overstock, accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for goods sold.

9. Clean Energy Sector

Some clean energy companies, such as Brooklyn Microgrid, allow users to exchange cryptocurrency and even encourage them to do so.

10. Digital publication

Digital publishers and advertisers prefer cryptocurrencies to increase public interest.

11. Resident institutions

Aid organizations that want to address problems such as corruption use cryptocurrencies. The World Food Programme (WFP) uses the chain to distribute money to people in need.

12. Art

An artist can communicate with the buyer or potential client of his work using crypto platforms.

13. Gambling sector

The wave of encrypted money also offers new opportunities for game developers. The ORB project is a good example of this; it allows players to transfer their money in the game to other assets, including encrypted currency, and then exchange them for money.

The use of encrypted money and blockchain is not limited to these 13 sectors; many developing sectors are adapting to the new system.

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