• NakitCoins is a physical crypto exchange office allowing users to exchange cryptocurrency for cash or cash for cryptocurrency. All transactions are made in United States Dollars.

    • NakitCoins the very first physical crypto exchange office of Turkey, making it the oldest and biggest company in the Turkish physical crypto market.

    • No, we only operate in Turkey.

    • No, Nakitcoins is only designed to process transactions physically. We are a crypto cashpoint, not an online exchange platform.

    • NakitCoins has no partnerships whatsoever with third people or parties. We do not have any affiliations or online representatives. Please beware of people or entities using our name for scamming purposes. NakitCoins will never use online transactions or transactions outside of its own offices.

    • No, Nakitcoins is privately owned and all branches remain under the same company ownership and liability of "SAYISAL DEVİR SİSTEMİ YAZILIM DANIŞMANLIK BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ"

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    • NakitCoins operates in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa and Alanya. We are currently working to expand our network and open new offices all over Turkey.

    • At NakitCoins, we exchange 1 USDT for 1$ (in cash), then we apply a "services fee" on the amount exchanged. For any other type of crypto, we use rates from Binance to set the value in Dollars and deduce our services fee.

    • Commissions are based on the volume of transaction calculated in Dollars. Our highest commission rate is 3% and the lowest is 0.5%.

    • Minimum transaction is of 50$ or equivalent, maximum transaction depends on the reserve of the office (funds / crypto reserve). Please contact the office branch you wish to make the transaction at.

    • Any wallet that is connected to Blockchain, as long as the funds are in your own control.

    • We preferably work with USD, but we can also accept EURO for large volumes of transaction. We pay out only in USD.

    • We preferably work with USDT (TRC20) and Bitcoin (BTC). You can also buy or sell any crypto that is available on Binance.

    • Since March 2021, we are under the obligation to process customer identity verification as determined by Turkish legislation. This is aimed at fighting financial crime and illegal activities.

    • It is absolutely prohibited to make a transaction on behalf of someone other than yourself. Nor do we authorize any transactions on behalf of companies.

    • You need to be at least 18 years old on the day of the transaction.

    • You need to provide a valid passport or European national ID or Turkish ID or new generation Turkish Driver’s license.

    • No, we only work in cash and in person at our offices.

    • No, and it will never do.

    • No, and it will never do.

    • NakitCoins used to have a wallet service with free storage for NakitCoins users. However, as of July 2022, we started closing down the NakitCoins wallet by rejecting new registrations and deposits. Nakitcoins no longer wishes to take the responsibility of storing its users’ funds. Exchange will only be made ON PREMISES and we strongly advise you to only use decentralized wallets to keep your funds SAFE.

    • Yes, it is legal to buy, sell or trade your crypto money as long as crypto money is not used to pay goods or services.