What NakitCoins.Com does exactly?

We offer our clients the means to acquire crypto currencies in cash physically without the hassle of going through extravagant measures and long waiting periods on other platforms. You can carry out your transaction physically at our Safe location or Online using our Digital Wallet.

Is NakitCoins.Com a bank or a foreign currency exchange office?

No, NakitCoins.Com is not a bank nor are we a foreign currency exchange office.

Does NakitCoins.Com provide investment consultancy services?

No, the NakitCoins.Com team does not provide any kind of investment consultancy.

I Want to Buy/Sell more than 10 bitcoin at one of the NakitCoins.com branches! Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible yet for more information please call and make an appointment. It is better to let us know before your visit our branches so we can make preparartions for your transactions.

Does NakitCoins hold any CryptoCurrency of their own?

No, NakitCoins does not hold any cryptocurrency. NakitCoins purchases and sells the coins at the moment our clients agree to the transaction.

Can I buy or sell my cryptocurrencies over the phone ?

No, we do not do any kind of transactions over the phone.

The Price of bitcoin was "X" on "X" date and I see it has gone up, can I buy it at the price I saw earlier?

No, we sell crypto currencies at current market prices + commission. (To view our rates, please visit "CONVERTER" page)

How Do Our Clients Pay Taxes?

Our services are commission based and a 18% VAT is included in the commission. The prices are market price + commission.

What are the NakitCoins Fees?

For price references please visit the "CONVERTER" page.

Can I Exchange other crypto currencies?

You can exchange BTC - ETH - LTC - BCH - XRP. Other altcoins can be added depending on the demand of our clients and security measures we need to provide in order to provide high quality service.

Which Languages do you speak at the store?

The languages that we support at this time are English, Turkish, French and Dutch.

Bitcoin - Ethereum - Ripple LiteCoin - Bitcoin Cash

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