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Who Are We ?

The Nakitcoins.com brand is owned by Sayısal Devir Sistemi Yazılım Danışmalık Bilgi Teknolojileri Ticaret A.Ş. and is the first Crypto currency cashpoint in Turkey. We want to raise awareness and enhance the knowledge relating to crypto currencies and the blockchain. In recent years the world has shown an increased interest in the crypto currency market as an investment tool. This is why we have a physical counter where our clients can visit us and buy or sell their cryptos fast and safe.

What We Do ?

We value our clients at Nakitcoins.com and we want to offer a high quality experience while you visit us for your Crypto currency needs. Our services are not limited to buying or selling Bitcoin, we also offer several other coins:

BCH         DASH            REP
ETH          EOS               XLM
LTC          ETC               XMR
XRP          GNO             ZEC

We offer these coins to our customers at competitive prices, working with international and reputable platforms. Our clients can execute their transactions at three desks and we have set aside space upon request for custom transactions. We are proud to be the first physical crypto cashpoint in Turkey

How can you buy Crypto Currency at our cashpoint?

Nakitcoins.com is located in Gümüşsuyu, 5 minutes away from Taksim Square.
A crypto expert at our store will help you make your first purchase.
What you need is:

- Cash in the form of US Dollars, and a Crypto Currency wallet.

If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can download one on your smartphone (Android or iOS).  If you wish, our hosts are willing to help with this process while you are making your transaction at our cashpoint. Once you have saved your data and created your account, your transaction will only take a few minutes to process. The minimum transaction is  200 (EUR).

How can you sell Crypto Currency at our cashpoint?

At our cash point, we will also offer the ability to sell your Crypto Currency for US Dollars.  As soon as you have sent the Crypto Currency of your choice to our wallet and we have received the third confirmation, you will receive your funds in person.

What you need is:

- A Crypto Currency wallet, and Crypto Currency

Our Fees

To calculate the fees please check the charts* page on our website.

200 - 5000  EUR 5%
5000 -   <       EUR 3%
*Prices on the "charts page" are indicative of current market prices. Crypto currency prices are volatile and may vary when you visit our Cash Point.

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